'Meet Yo' Maker' w/ Knot Today Thanks

Updated: Mar 5

MEET EMily Miles - Local Gal & someone who i'm honoured to call my bestie!

Not only does she create her own wonderful products with her business 'Knot Today Thanks,' her talents also lie in video making (she is currently studying film & tv production at Anglia Ruskin University!) I was lucky enough to have Emily work her magic and create a video of the store - go and check it out on the main page of the website NOW!

But for now we will focus on the animal print wonders, that would will find hanging around the shop (and in my home... of course!!)

Hey! So for those who don't know you & your business - tell me in a few sentences about Knot Today Thanks?

Knot Today Thanks is a little business I started 2 years ago off the back of learning how to macrame a wall hanging for my sisters birthday present. I always wanted to learn. I started predominantly knotting brightly coloured wall hangings, then started plant pot hangers and thought.. I need some pots to go with these, which is why I started my pot doodle range last year. So, to sum up, bold, bright, patterned and sometimes offensive pots and knots.

Where do you get your inspo from the designs of the pots?

I think I like to paint pots that I would have in my house or bedroom. But any patterns that are brightly coloured, abstract and stand out I like to try and paint. I am also a child and love offensive, rude words so think it's funny to put those on plant pots.

I mean it's clear to see you are a fan or animal prints, as are we at Treat Yo' Self! Is this a just a mild attraction or obsession??!

Without a doubt, an obsession haha! My Dad always winds me up about the amount of animal print clothing I own.

Have you got a favourite pot you have painted before? Which one?

I think my favourite pot was a design I painted to raise money for Black Lives Matter charities. It said 'LOVE' in bold print and I made two different bright colourways. Every sale I made, all proceeds went to SARI, a charity providing support and education in diversity and ethnic awareness, that focusses on racial hate crime. It felt like an important pot to paint.

- Any exciting future plans for Knot Today Thanks or new products you can tell or hint to us about??